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  • Oil Changes; What’s the Big Deal?
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    Oil Changes; What’s the Big Deal?

    Purchase a new vehicle lately? The times are changing once again. Oil changes are becoming a less frequent task with newer cars. Did your dealer suggest every 10,000 miles or just once a year? Think again. Although your car could possibly last that long without an oil change, why take the chance?

  • Why Emission Testing?
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    Why Emission Testing?

    Here in Wisconsin there are 7 counties that are required to have their vehicles ran thru emissions including Kenosha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Sheboygan, Washington and Waukesha. This test is a way the state is able to monitor that the vehicle is running up to their standards and not putting pollutants into the air. The Wisconsin Vehicle Inspection Program also identifies vehicles that have tampered emissions control equipment.

  • Tire Rotate & Balancing
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    Tire Rotate & Balancing

    Rotating and balancing your tires are two services that can increase the safety and efficiency of your tires. In fact, the most efficient method of increasing the life of your tires is by rotating and balancing them! Tires, as you know if you’ve ever had to replace them, can be a huge cost when it comes time to get new ones! Ever curious what we do when we rotate and balance them and why? Well now’s the time to learn!

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